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Kai and Amanda's Wedding at Las Vegas National Golf Club

People say that "you will never meet your future spouse in a bar"... This statement is not true for Amanda and Kai. She was working as a cocktail waitress and he was sitting in the bar when he caught her eye. Kai was not getting her hints to him so the bartender talked to him for her... After they had a few drinks, he knew she would be the one.

Within only a week he was telling her coworkers that he would fall for her. And after meeting them I can see why. They are both super nice and sweet, not to mention good looking... Kai couldn't keep secrets and he told her on Christmas day that he got an engagement ring being made for her. And in January is when he went down on one knee and proposed. Which bring us to this day, their special day... And I'm honored to be a part of it... 

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