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Arnold and Adora's Engagement Shoot at Springs Preserve

One week was all it took...

Here's a quick summary: She moved to Vegas, they got introduced by a good friend, partying turned into dating, and in less than a week they moved in together... Fast forward 5 years on their anniversary atop the Space Needle, he got down on one knee and left her speechless and in tears. All she could do is nod her head but her heart is shouting YES..!

What better place for an engagement shoot than the Springs Preserve. They wanted somewhere green and lush, just like her garden wedding of her dreams next year in at Brownstone Gardens in Oakley, CA. You'd never think Las Vegas would have a place like this, being a desert and all. Here's what we got from that day... The camera sure loves them... 

Adora and Arnold-32.jpg
Adora and Arnold-4.jpg
Adora and Arnold-36.jpg
Adora and Arnold-12.jpg
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Adora and Arnold-42.jpg
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