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Cindi and Luke's Photoshoot in the Desert...

We often forget that Las Vegas is a desert...

Las Vegas became known as a tourist attraction for its casinos and resorts at the Strip and Downtown. We even have a man made lake, Lake Mead. 

Cindi and Luke came to me because they wanted to show the natural beauty if this town. I've worked with them before and the camera just loves them. Here's what came out of that photoshoot... 

Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-16.jpg
Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-12.jpg
Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-33.jpg
Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-34.jpg
Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-18.jpg
Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-3.jpg
Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-28.jpg
Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-37.jpg
Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-35.jpg
Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-22.jpg
Cindi + Luke Red Rock Shoot-5.jpg

Arnold and Adora's Engagement Shoot at Springs Preserve

One week was all it took...

Here's a quick summary: She moved to Vegas, they got introduced by a good friend, partying turned into dating, and in less than a week they moved in together... Fast forward 5 years on their anniversary atop the Space Needle, he got down on one knee and left her speechless and in tears. All she could do is nod her head but her heart is shouting YES..!

What better place for an engagement shoot than the Springs Preserve. They wanted somewhere green and lush, just like her garden wedding of her dreams next year in at Brownstone Gardens in Oakley, CA. You'd never think Las Vegas would have a place like this, being a desert and all. Here's what we got from that day... The camera sure loves them... 

Adora and Arnold-32.jpg
Adora and Arnold-4.jpg
Adora and Arnold-36.jpg
Adora and Arnold-12.jpg
Adora and Arnold-10.jpg
Adora and Arnold-42.jpg
Adora and Arnold-15.jpg
Adora and Arnold-2.jpg
Adora and Arnold-20.jpg
Adora and Arnold-25.jpg
Adora and Arnold-39.jpg
Adora and Arnold-43.jpg
Adora and Arnold-34.jpg
Adora and Arnold-27.jpg

Kai and Amanda's Wedding at Las Vegas National Golf Club

People say that "you will never meet your future spouse in a bar"... This statement is not true for Amanda and Kai. She was working as a cocktail waitress and he was sitting in the bar when he caught her eye. Kai was not getting her hints to him so the bartender talked to him for her... After they had a few drinks, he knew she would be the one.

Within only a week he was telling her coworkers that he would fall for her. And after meeting them I can see why. They are both super nice and sweet, not to mention good looking... Kai couldn't keep secrets and he told her on Christmas day that he got an engagement ring being made for her. And in January is when he went down on one knee and proposed. Which bring us to this day, their special day... And I'm honored to be a part of it... 

Thorsted Wedding-501.jpg
Thorsted Wedding-222.jpg
Thorsted Wedding-238.jpg
Thorsted Wedding-495.jpg
Thorsted Wedding-250.jpg
Thorsted Wedding-265.jpg
Thorsted Wedding-259.jpg
Thorsted Wedding-276.jpg

Andre and Stephanie's Wedding at Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa

Andre first noticed Stephanie when she started working at the same medical facility with him. They kept their relationship on the down low and they did it pretty well. I also worked with both of them during my nursing days and I had no clue that they were dating until Stephanie asked for my opinion about men's watches to give to Andre for his birthday.

She was super excited to plan this wedding; she kept me updated about every detail as time went on 'til they day of the wedding. And finally when the big day arrived, their special day went flawlessly of course. 

As they got ready for the big day... 

Then theres the details... Andre was sporting a custom feather bow tie... And of course Stephanie with a fabulous Vera Wang wedding gown... 

This is where the magic happened... I mean the wedding chapel...

As we wait for the ceremony to begin... 

And finally here comes the beautiful bride...

They partied like rockstars and danced the night away. The candy bar supplied the young ones energy for hours. Andre and Stephanie shared their first dance with Tiffy. Then Elvis made a special surprise appearance to cap off the night as they exit in style with sparklers...


Steve and Danica's Las Vegas Strip Engagement Photoshoot

Steve and I have been good friends since high school. He sure has a certain personality that can put a smile to anyones face. If I was a betting man, this would be at the top of the list why Danica would fall for him; And not to mention his good looks... So I was more than stoked when they asked me to shoot their engagement photos and when they told me they wanted a Las Vegas Strip photoshoot, that was just the icing on the cake.


We spent the day at the Las Vegas Strip starting off our photoshoot at the gardens of Ceasars Palace.

Here's an example that shows Steve's personality. Can you guess what his favorite part of the shoot was? 

And of course we can't about forget Danica. The camera just loves her; she's a natural... She made my job super easy. I wish I could say the same for Steve haha... (Just kidding bro)

One of my favorite part of the shoot was this fountain area. I just love the opening from the trees and frames them in the center. 

How 'bout that ring... 

As we continued on our way, we took some photos by Serendipity3 and there were some stairs near by so why not... 

And here's the rest of the collection from our Las Vegas Strip shoot...